Recently a stranger heard a piece of my music and suggested if I make it available online that people would pay to support the music because it's perfect for de-stressing, for decompressing, for lifting people out of life's particular moments. Rough Cuts are improvised live off the floor and recorded with a handheld field recorder. But apparently that’s not the point. Apparently they don’t have to be recorded in studio in order to touch people, to help.

Rough Cuts are improvised explorations -- a learning process as a musician and person that calls for transcending what life may feel like before the music, in order to (hopefully) translate and express what life and the moment truly holds. These tunes are culled from solo jam sessions where creating music as an expression of self and a means of translating life as vibration remains my truest diary. I base the initial loop on what I’m feeling, whatever I’m inspired by and then the resulting layers happen in real time. I’m still a looping station newbie and truly appreciative of what it helps me comprehend, access, express, and strive for. 

Since releasing my first CD in 2014 (As I Am) people have wondered about my next release and also about when I will record a purely instrumental offering. Rough Cuts, along with your support, gets me moving closer to that hope and the studio. I really appreciate your interest.  And whether you donate this time, next time, last time, not at all, or again -- I thank you for stopping and connecting. I hope to keep these tunes available, evolve the site, and continue creating and adding new music. If you feel like sharing, the Guestbook is open. 

Grateful for your ear and heart,


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